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Fatal Dress from Wolford

I’m obsessed with the two-tone Fatal Dress from Wolford. Probably because it can be worn a hundred different ways, I love the way this luxurious tube of fabric turns from a dress to a top to a skirt in minutes. You have to watch the video to see it all …

Getting Out From Under….the Underwire

As I write this, there is an underwire digging into my left boob. No, my right one. No, the left. Okay, both of them. I’m wearing an old Victoria’s Secret bra that I must have had for at least 10 years. Yes, I know it’s time to toss it. Only, …

Journelle, Downtown

Just when we thought New York City was being overrun by mass market lingerie stores, along came Journelle. This gem of a store, which first opened on 17th street, was really unlike anything we had ever seen. NYC has always had its share of bra fitting stores, but there wasn’t …

I’m looking for a pretty silk cami. I also need to know what can I wear underneath it?

I love the silk contrast camisoles from Julianna Rae. These are great to wear under a jacket or sweater, or alone if you aren’t too busty. Try for a plunge front strapless bra like this one from Calvin Klein. If you are lucky enough to not need a bra, you …

Bordelle Babydoll

This Bordelle Babydoll is sexy and sweet, with a hint of retro. I love the black against the nude and how you can look revealing and covered at the same time. Wait until you see the panties that go with it! $275 at Journelle

Sexy Mama

I love this little man more than life itself, but I will be the first to admit he was a total “mojo” stealer.  The weeks and months after his birth, I was a total mess.  It takes some serious work and commitment to regain your confidence after birth.  The mini-mister …

Natori Comes to Target

Get ready for the next Target delivery I know you will love! It’s Josie Natori and her line hits a Target near you October 30th. I was just in Saks the other day looking at the racks and racks of Natori thinking “what doesn’t she do?”. Natori makes bras, panties, …

I’m wearing a super sexy Halloween costume, but need some shapewear to be the French Maid I’m hoping to be. Any suggestions for undergarments?

This Flexees Strapless Unitard will slim you, smooth you and make you look extra curvaceous! Buy it in black and you will be able to wear it many times after Halloween, especially with the holidays just around the corner.

My $1,000 Lingerie Wardrobe

There are many places I would love to spend $1,000. I can think of all the candy I would get at Dylan’s Candy Bar and the one pair of stunning shoes I would get at Barneys, but spending $1,000 all on myself in lingerie would be a dream! When …

Spanx Chantilly Couture Camisole

From the Spanx Haute Contour group is this stunning Chantilly Couture Camisole. Now this is what we think shapewear should always look like! It’s a gorgeous shaper with lace overlay and removable ruffle sleeves. Wear it under a tux or blazer or alone with jeans or a great pencil skirt. …



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