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Hanky Panky for All

Start wearing these on December 1st, and you’ll have enough underwear to get through Christmas with this amazing Hanky Panky 25th Anniversary Thong Set. Seriously, 25 pair of their famous lace thongs! Guys-this is a gift the women will love. Ladies, hang this on the fridge so he’ll know exactly …

The Updated Bed Jacket

Bed jackets used to be for conservative women who wanted to cover their arms or breasts while lounging in bed. They sound very old-fashioned, and I can understand why, since we often only saw them being worn in old Hollywood movies. Turns out that women of all ages love a …

What type of shaper would you recommend for a size 10 petite lady that’s 5’3 and carries the weight in her tummy?

Since you are petite, I don’t recommend a high-waisted shaper. Instead go for a brief that offers great tummy control like this one from Wacoal or this one from Va Bien.

Custom Sneakers

There is nothing more personal than a customized holiday gift. These colorful sneakers from New Balance can be fully customized from top to bottom; you can even add embroidery on both of the heels. Perfect for any man, woman or teen in your life. Best part is that they show …

All Things Great and Small (Even Women’s Breasts)

Good things come in small packages. Even women’s breasts. Mind you, I didn’t always feel that way. All of me — indeed, including my chest — has always been extra-petite. I was self-conscious about being small well into adulthood, although I’m not abnormally tiny, or even flat-chested for that matter. …


Getting fitted for a bra does not need to be complicated, it doesn’t even need to be in store. We love Bloomingdale’s for making it as easy as 1, 2, 3. They just launched a brand new “Intimates & Shapewear: The Fit Guide” section on their website that brings the expert …

Echo Touch Glove

Your hands will never be cold again with these gloves from Echo. Their special eLink fabric lets you work your iPhone, iPad and other touch device while never letting a finger peek out from behind a warm and cozy wool glove. Lots of colors and a great price make this …

Brulee Teddy

I have been eyeing this beautiful Vamp Teddy by Brulee all season, so we needed to make sure it was part of the holiday gift guide. This beautiful silk romper is super flattering with its chevron detail and has the sweetest crystal button closure at the back. $180 by Brulee …

I need a pajama that I can wear in front of house guests. Is there anything with a bra attached?

Natori has a jersey pajama with a shelf bra built into the top. It’s the perfect solution when you need a little coverage around guests, but still want to be comfortable. Just enough so you can run downstairs and put on the coffee!

Minimize These!

Also known as Mosquito Bites and Fried Eggs You are likely wondering what these two things have to do with lingerie, but for my sister and I, the connection is burned in our childhood memories. When my boobs came in at the ripe old age of ten, my father took …



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