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Retro Set

This chevron striped set is a real throwback to vintage times and I love all of its unique detail. I love the high-waisted panty and multi-strapped bra which give it an Esther Williams swimsuit kind of sex appeal. $77 for the bra and $68.60 for the panty at Anthropologie

My Holiday Fat Pants

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we know that this is officially the big kick off to the holiday eating frenzy. Don’t worry. You can get back to your normal self after New Year’s when the exercising frenzy kicks back in. For now, just enjoy that apple and pumpkin pie. Along with …

Minor Obsessions

I am obsessed with this horseshoe charm bracelet from Minor Obsessions by Finn. There are tons of other charms that come on other color floss, so take your pick for the perfect holiday gift. I’m also loving the heart and key and the angel wings. $75 each by Minor Obsessions

Spanx Are Good.

I’m a firm believer (get it?) in Spanx. I think most of us could agree with the following statement: Spanx are good. Except when they’re not. When it’s 98 degrees and 99% humidity–as there was when it was time for my 25th college reunion this summer—sometimes they just aren’t feasible. …

Dream In Color Slippers

Why shouldn’t we all get to dress like little Elves this holiday season? I love these whimsical slippers to wear around the house while decorating the tree and eating tons of bad food. No judgment. $58 at Anthropologie

I have a little tummy and I’m looking for a shaper. I’m seeing a lot of friends and relatives for the holidays and I don’t want them all to see my pooch!

You will love this high-waisted shaping panty from Chantelle. It’s really pretty and has nice compression in the tummy area without being too constricting. Perfect for all upcoming holiday parties! There’s a beautiful matching bra, too, to make it a set you’ll be happy to wear.

I LOVE a Good T-Shirt

I love a good t-shirt. Yup, that’s what started my fashion career. My love for a good ‘ol white v-neck was the beginning of my clothing line, Nation LTD. Six years, 13 employees, and a healthy-sized HR manual later, I have a full collection distributed in 22 countries. I didn’t …

Linda the Bra Lady

If you live anywhere near the New York City area, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Linda’s Bra Salon, or as most people know her, Linda The Bra Lady. Her customers are loyal to her like no other. Ask anyone that has been fit by Linda if they will …

Ari Dein Chemise

Some pieces are destined to become classics, much like this Boutique Hotel Chemise from Ari Dein. The beautiful color with contrasting trim make this a lingerie piece you will want to have with you at any boutique hotel, or in your very own bedroom. $326 by Ari Dein

My teenage daughter needs to start wearing a bra every day. Where should I take her to buy bras?

I love Aerie for the product and for the experience. It’s a fun place for young girls to shop, so she won’t be intimated as she would be in a grown-up department store. Plus they have many bra styles that will work for her and will look really cute when …



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