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Pearl G String

Ever since Samantha on Sex and the City rocked a pearl thong, women everywhere have thought about what they would be like. Well, they are fabulous! The lace is beautiful and the pearls are genuine freshwater, so if you’ve been wondering-I say go for it! $136 Pearl Thongs by Myla

I don’t want to wear a bra with my dress on New Year’s, but what can I do about my sagging boobs under my plunging neckline?

Try the Pick-Me-Up Instant Breast Lift Tape. It’s amazing…you must watch the video on the site to see how easily it works!

Silk Peignoir

This silk georgette peignoir is the luxury gift you’ve been waiting for. Baring it all isn’t always the answer. This is sexy, romantic, and just beautiful. Great for the new bride on her honeymoon or any other special occasion. $250 from BHLDN

Bling in the New Year

It’s New Year’s, time to try something fabulous and accessorize with a few little goodies that may not be your cup of tea the rest of the year. It’s the perfect excuse to go nuts, and add a little bling to your intimates wardrobe. Even the nicest of girls are allowed to be a little naughty this time of year!



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