80% of Americans

by Lovely Girl | in The Tell All, Underwear

What style underwear are you wearing right now? Do you wear this style every day? Has it been this way most of your life? I already know the answer is YES, at least for most of you. Turns out that 80% of Americans have been wearing the same style underwear for all of their adult lives.

Now tell me, how many years have you been wearing skinny jeans (a style we hope will die off forever)? Probably 3-4 years, right? What about ballet flats? A few years, too? The point is that there are trends that come and go. We like them, we stick with them, then we learn to leave them behind when another trend comes along.

So why have you all been wearing the same underwear for 20+ years?

Ladies, there are now thongs, bikinis, boy-shorts, hipsters, high-waisted briefs, and low-rise thongs to name a few. For guys there are bikinis, briefs, trunks, boxer shorts, boxer briefs and thongs, amongst others.

I challenge you all to explore something now.  Now don’t go crazy. If you’re not comfortable in a thong, then don’t worry about it. But let’s say you’ve been a bikini wearing woman your whole life. Take a risk. Try a boy-short. Maybe even a high-waisted brief. You might realize that the extra coverage is more comfortable, more flattering, and more fun. Branch out with color and fabric. Try a new brand!

There is newness and variety and I want to make sure you know about everything that’s available. Underwear is part of a 9 billion dollar industry that wasn’t built solely on white three-pack cotton undies. Chances are you don’t even have the same car for 20 years, so why the same style underwear?

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