A Honeymoon in Lingerie

by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

It’s wedding season! Anyone who knows me at all knows that I get excited about two things regarding weddings: the lingerie shopping and the honeymoon planning. I love to travel, and travel light, but there must be room for gorgeous lingerie. After all, this IS the time to splurge and buy a few goodies you wouldn’t otherwise buy.

Since you also don’t have to be 100% practical, this is your chance to buy those floaty little pieces that just make you look and feel fabulous. Journelle asked me to create a honeymoon Pinterest board for them. Nothing could be more fun for me than combining my favorite lingerie pieces with my favorite beach destination photos. Each of these places are amongst my favorites, and each of the lingerie pieces I would be splurging on if I were planning a honeymoon!

Images from my Journelle Pinterest board

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