A Sports Bra Miracle

by Megan H. | in Solutions, The Tell All

I like to stay active-catch a few yoga classes a week, drag myself to the gym, and take a daily walk with my dog. What I don’t like is having my boobs slap me in the face with every move I make.  Thankfully, ILOVEAGOOD and Freshpair came to the rescue of a well-endowed damsel in distress.  With their help I found three 32DD sports bras that are specifically designed for the active girl with big boobs.

1-The Champion $42 sports bra has the classic Champion sports bra style with a hidden underwire and back closure.  Clearly Champion got the memo that there is nothing worse than peeling off a sweaty, sticky sports bra post-workout.  It is very supportive and a dream to get on and off.  I twisted my way through a rigorous yoga class with comfort and support, barely noticing I was wearing an underwire. The Champion underwire sports bra is without a doubt, a fantastic update to their classic sports bra.

2-Wacoal’s $62 underwire sports bra looks less tech-like until you put it on. By combining an incredibly soft wicking fabric with having the underwire on the outside of the bra, you get a sports bra made in underwear heaven.  Yes that is right, the underwire is actually on the exterior of the bra; mind blowing I know.  I did put it on inside out a few times until I got the hang of it. I found myself putting the Wacoal bra on almost every morning for a daily jaunt through the park with my dog, and not wanting to take it off afterwards. This bra is so comfy and supportive that I wore it all day.

3-The Shock Absorber $79 sports bra (featured above) is designed for running, and let me tell you, it does what it was engineered to do.  This baby not only looks super technical and sporty-cool, but it gives a level of support big busted girls like myself have only dreamt of, until now.  It is the best sports bra I have ever worn.  You can’t help but feel like a hot sports goddess when you put it on.  It fits so well and looks so cool, I was actually excited to get my sweat on at a hot yoga class, just for the excuse to strip down mid-class and show off my Shock Absorber. Perfect for any workout from yoga to running, the Shock Absorber reduces bounce so much that there is minimal jiggle while even sprinting and jumping. For well-endowed athletic women, this is a game changer.

*Footnote, we also had a size 36G try out #2 and #3 and she loved them, further proving that these really are the answer to a big busted woman’s fitness dreams.

*This product was given for free by Freshpair so that our subjects could really try the bras in their real life activities.

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