The Updated Bed Jacket

by Lovely Girl | in Fashion, The Tell All

Bed jackets used to be for conservative women who wanted to cover their arms or breasts while lounging in bed. They sound very old-fashioned, and I can understand why, since we often only saw them being worn in old Hollywood movies. Turns out that women of all ages love a good bed jacket! Easy to throw on when you’re cold, or have company, bed jackets are also a great gift for women who will be spending some time at a hospital. A pregnant friend of mine said this was exactly what she wanted as a baby shower gift. Who knew?

Lucky for us, there are some gorgeous bed jackets on the market. They are so pretty, you may want to wear them outside with a pair of jeans. Who are we to judge?

Here are a few favorites that give the bed jacket a modern, updated look:

Kumi Kookoon Isabelle Bed Jacket (featured above)

Josie Natori Winter Garden Wrap

Calvin Klein Belted Bed Jacket

Kumi Kookoon Morgan Bed Jacket

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