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Brides, bridesmaids, party-goers and throwers, your shopping experience has just changed forever! BHLDN recently opened their first store in the Highland Village shopping center in Houston, Texas.  Online customers have been coveting this easy-to-shop, luxurious BHLDN website assortment for months and can now finally browse it in person.  Somehow BHLDN has managed to create a site where you feel you can almost touch the rich textures and luxurious fabrics, but now you can see it all curated in a museum-like setting. The mannequins dressed in sweeping gowns make you feel like you’re walking through a fashion exhibit at the Met.

The Houston space features three distinct salons. The first features colorful accessories, including hairpieces, shoes and cases of ornate jewelry. The décor salon has a work table where shoppers can pull from stocked drawers to create their desired event look with the assistance of a BHLDN associate or their own planner.  The third salon is designed with the bride in mind, offering large fitting rooms to accommodate her plus her entourage.  You have to visit the lingerie room stocked with beautiful pieces for the entire party, whether the bride or someone else looking for a gorgeous treat.

This is one shopping experience you won’t want to miss—online or in person. So far, only Texans have the option to do both, but Chicago is next, with many more locations to follow.

Visit BHLDN online or shop the store featured in Houston at:

Highland Village Center
4056 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX  77027

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