Which Bikini Line Are You?

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

Wax shapes as solutions for women in waxing

I took a recent trip to Bliss…the blissful place I like to visit for treatments anytime I can spoil myself for a brief moment. Bikini waxing has been popular for years, but women still can’t actually “talk” about what they want their bikinis to look like. To make it easy, Bliss has come up with this chart so you can simply point to the bikini line you want. So which one are you?

The J Sisters really helped with the Brazilian Bikini Wax trend here in NY. A former co-worker of mine used to announce that she was leaving the office to get “raped” (her words) each month on her way to see them and be stripped clean. The bare trend has not left us completely, but women are venturing out into other styles that are sometimes hard to say out loud.

As always, Bliss finds a way to make it fun and easy by giving bikini styles names like the Power Strip and the Skinny. Maybe you prefer the Love Triangle or the Bermuda Triangle? Too hard to say out loud? Just point to the chart and your esthetician knows what to do. And don’t worry, whether you’re a Power Strip or Bare Lady kind of girl, it all stays within the spa walls. Well that’s if you want it to.

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