The Power of (Pretty) Shapewear

by Shaunequa Brathwaite | in Solutions, The Tell All

I remember when shapewear shopping was more of a bottom-shelf/brown-paper-bag type of experience. It was truly something you didn’t admit to owning like, maybe, acne cream. I mean, really- have you ever talked to anyone about the pimple-busting (bad choice of words) cream in your cabinet? Exactly.

Frankly, I’m not sure why shapewear had such a bad rap. Was wearing it an admission of being less than perfect? Well, yeah, I guess. Was it confining? It wasn’t comfy. Was it cute? If you consider taupe and tan hot, then…it was smoking hot.

But now? Now it comes in sherbet colors, prints and lace; it smoothes, it slims, it even tones. I’m so serious; there’s one that helps you burn calories. You can’t even imagine how serious I am. It has helped me out of tight situations—hmm, maybe I should say it has helped me into tight situations.

Introducing the “tight situation”- aka the leather pencil skirt that’s a size too small. Whenever I wore it I said a silent prayer, thought thin thoughts, and squeezed into it. When I first gave it a test strut in my neighborhood, I looked like a basil-flavored chicken sausage; and, like a human sausage, I even had to hop off the sidewalk’s curb to prevent the snaps from popping open.

Soon thereafter I realized the power of shapewear. So now when I wear the skirt, there’s no hopping. I can even walk around without the snaps popping open and showing mama’s goods. And that my friends, is priceless. Priceless (and yes, I just referred to myself as “mama”).

Body Wrap’s Romantica Must Slip Under Shaper shown above

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