Boxers or Briefs or?

by Lovely Girl | in The Tell All, Underwear

It’s no surprise that women are buying most of men’s underwear. It seems the first logical place to start when we are giving our men a makeover. Was he wearing unsightly underpants at your first sighting?

So now that you are the one “wearing the pants”, which ones are you buying him? Colorful, patterned boxers? Solid black boxer briefs? Boring tightie-whities? I’d love to hear from you!

Just like women’s undies, this is the place guys can take a risk and wear something more exciting and fun. Chances are, nobody in the office will know if he’s got skulls and crossbones or palm prints going on under that suit. Even if he’s a conservative guy, buy him the basics when he needs them (we all wear nude for basic days, too), but something more lively for the other days. He might get just as excited putting on those crazy stripes as you do putting on your neon pink Hanky Panky panties.

Here are a few favorites from both camps:

Banana Republic for super soft staples
Lucky Brand for some fun boxer briefs
Gap for undies more fun than you imagined
Freshpair for basics, splurges and every style you could imagine

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