Boys Boys Boys

by Melissa | in Bra, The Tell All

If it’s true that boys tease the girls they like the most, let’s just say half of my junior high school was in love with me.

Okay, maybe not in love with me, but obsessed with teasing me about my large breasts.

I remember boys dropping pencils and books to watch me bend down, and I recall a particularly cruel trick, when this one boy Jared asked me if I could try and touch my elbows together behind my back. ‘No human being could do it,’ he swore to me. It wasn’t until there was a roar of laughter that I realized it was a set-up.

But when I look back at that time period, I feel more proud than sad. While my big boobs got me down, 7th grade was a pretty remarkable time for me: I’d just gotten contacts, discovered music, got into clothes and makeup and made some amazing friends. While there were a few other girls in my grade who had tremendous chests, I don’t even think boys noticed. Those girls shirked away in oversized sweatshirts, and they rarely socialized outside their cliques of equally shy, nervous—and as I recall, very sweet—girls.

It would have been easier to have chosen that route—hide until the other girls’ bodies caught up in high school—but I couldn’t do that. I wanted to flirt with boys, make new friends, dance at Bat Mitzvahs and wear the ribbed knit shirts and baby tees that were so popular at the time. (Whether or not they were flattering is another story.) The point is, I was who I was. I had to withstand the teasing, but I didn’t let these clowns shape my personality.

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