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Bra fittings for large cup sizes

Do you know Freddy? Like me, Freddy seems to enjoy spending her time in a roomful of bra-clad women talking boobs (ha!). As the in-house expert for Eveden (home to Huit, Goddess, Elomi, Fauve, Fantasie and Freya), not only does she know how to fit women of every size, but how to guide all the rest of us to be the best fitters we can be.

I spent a recent morning with Freddy and about 15 other women from all over the country. She started her class with an 8 lb sack of buckwheat strapped around one woman’s neck to simulate the feeling of HH breasts (see above image). After properly fitting her with a fabulous bra, we could see the instant relief when the weight got lifted off of the neck and back into a bra that lifts, supports and separates. This example is just one way Freddy taught us all to understand the importance of a bra that does all of the amazing things it is meant to do-work!

After tons of bra fitting tips and hints to address even the shyest of customers, we did fittings on each other. Everyone pulled off their tops and grabbed a tape measure. I was shocked to see that many of these women (who are fitters from small boutiques nationwide) were wearing the wrong size! The woman I was paired with said to me “I’m my own worst customer” as I fitted her with a 32DD while she was busting out of her 34C.

When even the experts need an expert, they head to Freddy. She reminds us that whether you have the small-bust of a ballet dancer (as Freddy does) or are carrying around a weighty size HH, the right bra is the most important foundation piece in your wardrobe. Ladies, even if you can’t get to Freddy herself, please go and get fit. Hopefully your fitter will have the Freddy stamp of approval after having been fit by her themselves. I am proud to say, “I do”!

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