Bridal Bait and Switch

by Kimmy Scotti | in The Tell All, Underwear

After a fairytale Paris engagement, setting a date and then finding the perfect gown (Oscar de la Renta), I immediately began to stress about what I would wear underneath my gown. While dresses have never been a problem for me, bras have always been my issue (I’m a DD/E).  So when the fitter at Saks called to remind me to bring the bra I would be wearing on our wedding day to my first fitting – panic set in.  My first fitting was a week away and this search could easily last months!

My first stop was to seek counsel from the other brides in my life. Two words from my soon to be sister-in-law: no bra. Obviously, this was not going to be an option for me.  So I turned to my usual tried and true brand, which recently created a small bridal collection.  Sight unseen I called and ordered the set, but the gorgeous corset didn’t have enough support for my girls.  Finally, I went to Saks where I fell in love with the perfect white-lacey corset. I grabbed “my size,” stepped into the fitting room and I couldn’t fit one boob into both cups.  Fitting rooms should really be equipped with tissues.

The bra specialist, who saw quickly that this was going down hill, stopped by with another option.  A smooth Le Mystere corset that doesn’t look like all that much on the hanger, but when you slip it on (and by slip, I of course mean hold your breath and lay face down on the fitting room floor while your mother strong arms the millions of little hooks together) it highlights all of your curves and you no longer miss the lacey one you couldn’t get hooked.   I not only bought one of the white Le Mystere corsets for my wedding day, I also snagged a black and nude as well to wear with all of my other dresses.

But how could I pass up on white lace for my wedding night?  Truth is, I can’t, so my master plan is to pull a “bait and switch”.

For all of the girls out there who stuffed and then rapidly unstuffed your bra (in a bathroom/closet) – you know exactly what I am talking about here.  I am going to wear the functional-sexy-with-my-dress-on Le Mystere for the wedding…and then when the cake is cut, dances are over, and most importantly the pictures have stopped snapping – I am going to change into this incredible Agent Provocateur lacey-sexy-with-my-dress-off variety.

Voila! A solution my seamstress and soon-to-be-husband will both be happy with!

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