Bridesmaids 101

by Kimmy Scotti | in Solutions, The Tell All

I have been a bridesmaid at least twenty times and each time (including once last weekend), the mandate has been the dreaded strapless dress.   The bride dictates the dress, shoes, jewels and sometimes even the hairstyles. One thing she never dictates are the undergarments, which are often an afterthought and left till the last minute.

At all costs, you want to avoid the, “Oh, I’ll just tuck my straps under my armpit” situation, so for all of you bridesmaids-to-be, here are my tips for choosing the perfect under-pieces:

Start Early.  When you first see a picture of the dress – strapless, backless, sweetheart or shocking – go and try on bras immediately.  Take a picture of the dress (scary as it may be) to your favorite lingerie shop and ask the fitter for suggestions.  Scoop up one or two of your best options asap. Play it safe.

Bring Options.  When you finally go with your bride-to-be to see the dress, bring the options that you picked up as well as some of your most flawless nude undies.  Try on the dress with each of your undergarment options so you can choose the best one.  If none of the options work, go back to the drawing board now while you have plenty of time.

Don’t Underestimate Underwear.  Go seamless. Contrary to popular belief, thongs are not always your best bet when you have a panty-line-problem.  Try a pair of seamless full-coverage undies in nude. Even if the dress is dark, you never know how the light will hit you and don’t need anyone to see the outline of your undies as you walk down the aisle.

Shape Up with Shapewear.  Put on your dress and take a good hard look in the mirror (and not your skinny mirror).  There are going to be a lot of eyes on you as you stand up for the bride-to-be, not to mention the cute groomsmen.  Are there any spots that can use a little smoothing out?  If so, grab your Spanx and smile for the camera!

Keep it Together.  Once you have your underpinnings nailed down, pack it all together in the garment bag with your gown and shoes. Make sure to take everything with you when you go for any alterations (even if it is just for hemming). You need to do a trial run of how the whole look plays out together. Better to find out before the day of the event.

When the big day finally arrives, just grab and go!

Kimmy Scotti is the Editor and Curator of KimmyScotti

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