Bright On: My Amazing Neon Bra

by Shaunequa Brathwaite | in Bra, The Tell All

Fact. We all have a drawer/closet that we store things from our past (old clothes, love letters, journals, etc.). Mine happens to be my fuchsia trunk from college, in which I recently found the oldest Nokia in history and a bright yellow bra.

Now, I must tell you; my wardrobe consists mostly of muted, neutral, or dark-colored clothes. So this bright yellow bra (I call it the “Big Bird”) represents unbridled rebellion and gender empowerment. I’ll explain that last part later, promise. It also happens to remind me of a hot pink bra “Carrie Bradshaw” wore in a Sex and the City episode.

Truth is, I bought the vivid yellow because it, not the hot pink, was on sale. I know, so not a “Carrie” thing to do…but it’s a very Shaunequa thing to do. Bright is bright…unless, of course, I’m wearing a signature all-black outfit. That combo would only work if I intend to resemble the bumble bee girl from the “No Rain” video; so more often than not, I reach for a bra in a more traditional hue. And now, the female empowerment explanation…

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I had a very interesting early relationship with my boobs as a young girl. For longer than I’d like to recall, I was all about erasing my curves. Now that I think of it, I’m sure the plain black bras I wore psychologically represented my attempt to black out/hide my bod. So now you get where I was going when I linked my bright yellow bra to gender liberation? I knew you would. And to that I say, let there be bright!

Bra in neon yellow from Cosabella

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