The Skinny on Spanx

by Lovely Girl | in The Tell All, Underwear

Spanx most certainly is the shapewear miracle for women around the globe who are looking to be thinner, flatter, and smoother. BUT, did you know that Spanx isn’t just for shapewear?

Everyone who knows me as a stylist has seen me carting around my trunk of Spanx on shoots for years, but as a woman, I’ve been wearing pieces that aren’t always in my trunk of goodies.

I’ve been raving about the Bra-llelulah bra since it hit the market a few years back. It is THE best bra if you’re looking for seamless perfection. The straps never slip off of my shoulders, you get no nipple show-through with the molded cup and the wireless is a dream to wear (not to mention they have rid of us back fat forever!). The original bra wasn’t gorgeous (we all need nude, though!), but Spanx has remedied that by adding colors and lace to the Bra-llelujah family. Hallelujah!!

More recently I discovered But…Naked (love the name, of course!), a new line of underwear that has NO shaping.These panties are lightweight, seamless and heavenly to wear. The colors are fab and they can be worn invisibly under everything.

Now I still have my absolute favorite Spanx shaping pieces that I recommend to every woman for work, for night, and for occasions as special as their own weddings (can you say Slimplicity??), but just because they have mastered the world of shapewear does’t mean they haven’t learned how to create non-shaping garments with as much perfection!

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