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I’m looking for a bralette that is comfortable and colorful, with just enough support to wear with guests in the house.
The Touch Feeling Crop Top from Hanro is a great option. The luxe fabric and no hardware make it very comfortable, plus it comes in colors like Scarlet, Sun and Bluebell to make it fun!
Are there underwear I can work out in that won’t give me panty lines?
I love the cotton underwear by Commando. They are seamless so that you can look good even in workout pants, and most importantly are all cotton. I just converted a friend to these last weekend!
Are bridal garters old fashioned?
They don't have to be! Pick something fun, fashionable and beautiful to keep the tradition going. I love the garters from BHLDN, the Forget-Me-Not Bridal Garter is my favorite.
I need to hide my tummy in my swimsuit. Should I wear a shaper under the bathing suit?
We already have you covered with swimsuits that are two-in-one shapers and bathing suits. Miraclesuit makes a gorgeous one that looks slimming (that vertical ruffle does wonders) and IS slimming thanks to the hidden shapewear built in.
My torso is too long for an all-in-one shaper. What else should I try?
Definitely try an open-busted shaper. It goes over your regular bra giving you a lot more room and flexibility in the torso. I like this one from Yummie Tummie since it provides shaping while still being really comfortable to wear.
What bikini bottom is the most flattering? Sometimes I roll over the sides of my wide-strap bottom.
Unless the side-straps are very wide, the normal 1-2 inch ones actually dig in a little causing some rollover. I actually prefer string! You can loosen them up when you're lying down and tie them up tighter when you're walking around. Since they don't dig in, you don't roll over! This Petit Bateau triangle bikini is the perfect example.
I’m just too tall for hosiery. Any styling tips so that I can wear hosiery with my spring booties?
I have two styling tricks to share with you. First, wash your hosiery by hand in the sink and when you are hanging them to dry, hang them from the waistband and stretch out the legs a bit so they naturally stretch a few inches as they dry. Second, cut off the toes! To wear them in booties, nobody sees the toes, so why not cut the toes to give yourself an extra 3-4 inches in length. I used to do this for models who are all long-legged and it worked every time!
I’m a 36DD looking for a longline bra or corset to wear under my wedding dress. Something functional that will also wow my new husband when the dress comes off.
Fauve makes a stunning bridal corset that is made for large bust sizes, so it's functional and supportive where you need it. It's smooth over the breasts to hide under the dress, but gorgeous and lacey down the front and sides. This will wow you and him!
I need a shaper that cinches in my middle that I can wear with my own bra and won’t roll up!
Bethenny Frankel's new Skinnygirl shapewear line has a great waist cincher that's pretty and firm in the waist area. The boning will definitely keep it in place!
I’m so sick of nipple show through in my unlined bras. Air conditioning season is coming soon, what do I do?
You must try these reusable silicone nipple covers called Top Hats. They gently adhere to your breasts and cover your nipples so you need not worry about room temp!


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