Ask Jenny

This is where you get to ask me anything and everything about bra size, undies, slips and all things…under (and don’t worry…there’s no such thing as TMI here). Let’s get the conversation started!

I’m very self-conscious of my butt and thighs, but looking for a sexy panty. Is there anything that’s sexy and provides coverage?
Felina makes the cutest skirted panty, perfect to look flirty and sweet while hiding your tush and upper thighs. Even if you have nothing to hide, we still love it!
I’m looking for a sexy black camisole that will show some lace, but not my nipples.
Mary Green has a fabulous black silk/satin and lace camisole in their Midnight in Satin Collection. Wear it as a layering piece to show under your top, and feel confident you can leave a button open and show only a peek of gorgeous lace.
I have been searching for a sexy bra and panty set (I’m a 34D), but I can’t spend a fortune for Valentine’s Day.
B.tempt'd makes the most gorgeous lace underwire balconette bra in your size that offers great support and looks beautiful! There is a matching panty, too, to make it the perfect set for $57.
I’m very small busted and still want to look sexy. What bra will make me look like a sexy woman this Valentine’s Day?
Lula Lu's Petite Fleur Demi Cup Bra is sophisticated and sexy for small busted women. The chocolate floral embroidery on soft pink mesh is perfect for V-Day or any other romantic occasion. It's available in sizes 30AA-38AA (I LOVE that!!). And don't forget the matching panty for a complete, beautiful set.
I love wearing compression hosiery for my veins, but I’m now pregnant and I’m worried about the tummy tightness.
Preggers Maternity Tights have gradient compression throughout the legs to help with blood flow. They also have a support panel over the tummy area and a comfortable waistband that won't dig in throughout your pregnancy.
My 34DD daughter needs help swimsuit shopping. Do brands sell swimwear in bra sizes?
Bra brands that cater to large bust sizes have been crossing over into swimwear providing swim in bra sizes. Your daughter should take a look at Fantasie Swimwear for beautiful suits in her cup size.
I want to buy my girlfriend fun, lacey underwear for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t want to buy the wrong size. What can I do?
Go one size fits all! Hanky Panky has great thongs and boyshorts in fabulous colors that are one size fits all (a dream for men!). Buy them individually or spring for the underwear bouquet.
I’ve been wearing a bodysuit with boning, but it’s very uncomfortable. Is the hard boning really necessary?
Boning is great if you are looking for serious structure, like in a wedding dress. If this is for everyday shapewear, pick a bodysuit with panels that strategically shape and hold in the body without having the pain of harsh wire running up your ribcage. This Donna Karan Bodysuit Shaper is a great one.
I’m a full C cup looking for a sexy bralette. Does one exist for me?
Yes, Fortnight makes wireless and soft cup bras, some up to size E. I love the gorgeous Lola Triangle Bralette with matching panty.
I need a bra for my growing pregnancy boobs. What do you suggest?
You need a bra that is comfortable, stretchy and flexible in size to accommodate your growing pregnancy breasts. I love the Bali Comfort Revolution With Smart Sizes Bra since it is all of those things! And it comes in an easy-to-use sizing system and great colors.


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