The Tell All: Bra

Wondering if you are wearing the wrong bra size? We talk to women here about their first bra, the wrong bra, the best bra and what bra brands they need to know to get it right.


Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire…they all LOVE a good bralette. Seems the editors there wear nothing else, and I’m not surprised. Bralettes are beautiful, comfortable and easy to wear. They are the alternative to the wire/molded bra which we wear for nothing other than function. I’m loving bralettes in bright color, with lace, and in delicate fabrics. No wonder I think this Fortnight bralette is perfect. It gives more support than you would think, with seaming below the bust and utilitarian straps for function. Plus-it’s gorgeous.

Mira Bralette by Fortnight from Journelle, $110

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