The Tell All: Fashion

Foundations may be the starting point, but what fun is getting dressed without the fashion? Jenny will tell you where to shop, what to wear with your body shape, how to accessorize and how to be beautiful.

The Bare Intimates Swim Round Up

It’s hard for me to talk about one particular thing I love about Anthropologie, as there are so many lovely things I wish I could get my hands on. I adore Anthropologie. More than adore, really, more like borderline obsession. So naturally, when I came across this photo below a …

What’s in Your Beach Bag?

It’s Summer!  OK, maybe it’s just the kickoff of summer… but you have to admit, there’s nothing better than packing a bag and heading straight for the sand.  Scratch that… There’s nothing better than packing a bag of your NEW favorite things and THEN heading straight to the sand.  Mara Hoffman’s …

Eco Swim-A Brand to Love

It’s not often we find things this cute that are actually good for the environment, but here we are! A great line of swimwear by Eco Swim that is good looking and eco-friendly. Above all, this swim line is stylish and super flattering for many body types. I’m partial to …

Five Ways to Wear the Saturday Dress

As a stylist, I was always helping to create clothing on set and loved when models turned scarves into tops, hosiery into bandeaus and skirts into strapless dresses. The versatility of these items make you feel like you’re wearing something that’s truly unique since you’ve created the look yourself! Zinke …

I’m Dancing with the Stars

This may be the closest I’ll ever come to Dancing With the Stars! I met up with Emmy Award winner Randall Christensen, DWTS costume designer, when he was in NY launching his brand new collection for Miraclesuit. Think Miracle’s slimming suits with a bit of ballroom glam. The suits are …

Hip to be Square

Even though I work in fashion, and my wardrobe consists of mostly black, I love to incorporate splashes of color into my wardrobe every now and then. Lucky for me, we are seeing the colorblocking trend everywhere this…

A Fashion Week Collaboration

Naeem Khan, Commando and Philippe Matignon went perfectly together on the runway last week, another example that what you’re underwearing is just as important as what you’re wearing-you can’t have one without the other.

The Perfect Pregnancy Jean

In search of the perfect pregnancy jean, I teamed up with the ladies at Destination Maternity. We met up in their fabulous NYC store, which is the mecca of shopping for pregnant…

Let Your Legs Do the Talking

It’s time to have some fun with your hosiery! Yes, we all love a good opaque tight and even a great sheer, but for the winter I think this is the perfect way to add some fun to your wardrobe. Hosiery is the easiest of accessories. It is well-priced, comes in lots of fun prints and colors, and can easily be changed out for something more simple depending on the day and the mood.

I Love A Good Animal Print

And I know you do, too! Animal print is always fun and fabulous, and never goes out of style. There is a lot of variety in the prints and colors as well as in styles and shapes. Although I say “wear it!” there are some guidelines you might want to keep in mind when wearing animal print.

R29 Reserve & Philippe Matignon Giveaway

I love a good Valentine’s Day treat, so I’m bringing you the ultimate. Luxury hosiery brand Philippe Matignon has partnered with the Refinery29 Reserve to offer you $80 shopping vouchers for only $40! Just when I thought the deal couldn’t get any better, they asked me to pick my favorite pieces and …

Looking Red Carpet Ready-Secrets from a Stylist

Although the designer gowns are what got the most attention at the Golden Globes last night, don’t you wonder what goes on under the dress? That is, after all, what keeps the buzz on the look of the evening, not the mishap of the century! Actresses like Sofia Vergera, Viola …

A Mommy Jean Makeover

Do you want to have a great butt? Then take a look in the mirror and let me know how your butt looks. If you’re wearing mommy jeans, then you are not going to have the butt you’re hoping for. If you’re asking what mommy jeans are, then we are in big trouble.

What’s in my Resort Bag

I like to always have a warm weather trip on my calendar. Even if it’s far off in the future, planning a trip to a distant Caribbean beach helps me get through the coldest and craziest of days. I like to always pack light, too, just in case there are …

One Piece Swimsuit, Please!

I consider myself a “less is more” kind of girl when it comes to most things, including makeup, jewelry, home décor and such. A little usually goes a long way, however, as of late, I wouldn’t apply that mantra to swimsuits. Yes, I’m proud that I’ve lost 50 pounds after …

Be Beautiful at the Gap

GapBody is a favorite foundations brand amongst women everywhere. Models, too. They have partnered with model Sasha Pivovarova to create an artistically beautiful bra and panty capsule collection that is in stores now. Sasha is famous not only for her stunning looks, but for her sketching ability which has been …

Stay Warm With Heattech

Since we’re now officially in Winter (although I’ve tried to deny it), it’s time to start dressing for the season. Time for boots (I saw a girl freezing in flip flops today), tights (no more bare legs until Spring) and layering garments. A few years ago I discovered Heattech from Uniqlo.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Wardrobe

Now that we are all shopping while listening to holiday music, it’s easy to feel drawn to sparkly pieces of clothing that will make us feel festive and fun! The problem is, you want to be able to buy things that will last long after the holidays are over. The best solution is to pick items that

How to Glam-Up Your LBD

You all have your perfect little black dress hanging in the closet.  It’s the one that makes you feel good no matter what your weight is, and always comes in handy for last minute work events or dates. If it still looks as good as the last time you wore …

The Updated Bed Jacket

Bed jackets used to be for conservative women who wanted to cover their arms or breasts while lounging in bed. They sound very old-fashioned, and I can understand why, since we often only saw them being worn in old Hollywood movies. Turns out that women of all ages love a …



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