So Long Thongs!

by Sabina Melarti | in The Tell All, Underwear

Underwear by Fleur't for luxury gift givingRemember those gorgeous Chantilly lace thongs that you used to wear every single day? Neither do I.

Those itsy, bitsy, cutesy thongs are a thing of the past, because, let’s face it, as you get pregnant and your thighs start rubbing together, that dental floss isn’t as comfy as you made yourself believe it was (just like my 5 1/2” Diors are comfy.) No, in all seriousness, the thongs were in fact at one point very comfortable, but pregnancy sometimes requires more coverage than a toddler size-3 Tinkerbell panty. Even if that thong collection stashed in your drawer is a gorgeous one.

Why, you ask? For one, yeast infections are a much more common occurrence during pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the reason for this is because “your body is going through so many changes right now, and it is difficult for your body to keep up with the chemical changes in the vaginal environment.” Solution? Wear loose, cotton underwear. In an article on, Samantha Dunham, MD, a Gynecologist at New York University, states that cotton wicks moisture away from the skin, discouraging yeast growth. The answer: choose cotton panties as often as possible. Avoid underwear made of Nylon, Lycra, and other synthetic materials as these fabrics trap moisture and heat, providing a breeding ground for yeast. Cotton and other natural fibers “breathe,” allowing moisture to evaporate.”

Another perk of pregnancy  is that you may also be experiencing a larger amount of vaginal discharge. Doctor’s orders? Panty liners (again, not made for those thongs). And finally, due to a weight gain of 25+ pounds (45 in my case,) you may suddenly experience this weird sense of modesty, you know, the one where you don’t want to flash your cheeks as you bend over to tie your shoelaces. My solution? Hipsters and girl shorts. AMAZINGLY comfy and cute, and dare I say, even sexy?!

I may return to the thong someday, but in the meanwhile, I’ll start building a great collection of non-thong panties that are pretty, comfortable and practical for life as a mommy.

Sabina Melarti is the co-founder and co-designer of BLANQI along with Valerie Caron.

Camisole and boyshort by Fleur’t

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