Peeping Philippe: Casting a Lingerie & Hosiery Model

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When you’re the brand marketing manager of a luxury lingerie and hosiery brand, sometimes surprises come busting out of nowhere! Back in February, we had a model casting at our showroom for a Philippe Matignon hosiery and lingerie shoot. Revival Brands was preparing the Italian line for its US debut, which included everything from launching the E-commerce website to replacing the outdated Italian imagery with some va-va-voom product shots.

The model casting was an experience in itself. We requested women with great legs, and I thought, “This is going to be very difficult, they are all going to be so beautiful and talented!” I was right about the difficulty, except “she’s so beautiful” turned into “her knees are too knobby,” “she’s too skinny,” and “she isn’t skinny enough..” Girl after girl, I found I disliked not only the experience but the fact that I was critiquing these poor girls down to their kneecaps.

As the day wrapped up (and hope dwindled down), a beautiful, tall, fiery redhead walked into the casting. We asked her to slip on a pair of fishnet thigh-highs, and she (disregarding the changing area we had set up) proceeded to strip down to her skivvies in front of our elevators. With a foot on a chair and butt in the air, our ginger seductress inched up our thigh-highs just as the elevator doors began to open… and a VERY stunned delivery man got a view of our model in fully glory. “Happy Wednesday!” said the good-natured model, as the man tripped his way to the front desk.

We laughed for hours, cast a great model – and now have the best delivery service in the building!

Written by Hillary Byers, Brand Manager for Philippe Matignon and Founder of two+seven.

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