Have You Met Curvy Kate?

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Although new to the States, Curvy Kate has been a hit overseas since it launched in 2009. Curvy Kate is a fabulous, sexy, fun line of bras and panties that range in size 28-44/D-K cup. They have taken a whole new position on what it means to be large-busted and loving it!

Their stunning models are literally the girls next door. Their campaigns and lookbooks feature real women that have won Curvy Kate’s modeling competition-Star in a Bra. Their modeling competition encourages the use of shapelier models in the lingerie industry. It’s now in its 4th year and open to all girls who are a curvy size D (and above) and have no previous modeling experience. They are teachers, students, hairdressers, etc who all have a few things in common-a ton of confidence and a large bust size to match. Most of these women never imagined themselves growing up to be models, yet here they are looking gorgeous and happy as their well-endowed selves modeling lingerie.

The competition, which originally started in England, has now grown to Australia as well. They just crowned their first Australian winner, Julia McLean, this past Summer.

We spoke with Laura Butler (shown above), one of the gorgeous Curvy Kate winners, about her experience working as a school teacher and full-busted role-model. She loved having her picture taken as a girl, but knew that a size 30GG woman would never make it as a fashion model. Here is what she says about Curvy Kate:

“Lingerie has come a long way in the past few years, especially for those with a larger bust and that is definitely true for me. When I entered a competition for Curvy Kate back in 2009 I did not think that it would change my life so dramatically. Before I was introduced to Curvy Kate, my lingerie draws were filled with over-priced dull bras that unbeknownst to me did not fit properly or offer me the support I needed. I was even wearing the wrong size! Now my drawers are over-flowing with the Curvy Kate collections that look great, fit perfectly and make me feel amazing. I speak to girls from all over the world and every one of them feels the same way about Curvy Kate.

Since joining their team as a model and ambassador of all things curvy I have begun to understand what makes a good bra and I try and spread the word! Bras that fit well not only make you feel great but can make you look better in your clothes. Curvy Kate encompasses all that is curvy and their bras are everything you could ask for. Curvy Kate understands their customers – you and I – and that puts them a step above the rest. They are guided by us and filled a gap in the market that clearly existed. I now have lingerie that is sexy and stylish yet supportive and a great value for the price.
Before I discovered Curvy Kate I only ever wore basic bras in black and white but they have allowed me to be adventurous and really show my personality through my underwear. Thrill Me is my choice for a sexy night out and Emily or Princess for the daytime in every color imaginable – depending on my mood! The bras help style any outfit and emphasize my curves. After all, we need to embrace what we are given – Curvy Kate gives me the confidence to do so!”

Curvy Kate’s Emily bra and panty featured above on Laura Butler

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