Eco Swim-A Brand to Love

by Lovely Girl | in Fashion, The Tell All

It’s not often we find things this cute that are actually good for the environment, but here we are! A great line of swimwear by Eco Swim that is good looking and eco-friendly. Above all, this swim line is stylish and super flattering for many body types. I’m partial to this adorable swim dress since we all need a little coverage in the tush sometimes, although they have a bikini that really rocks!

The line is made in the USA. The hang tags, packaging and hangers are recycled, and so are the linings and fabrics. Made from recycled nylon, polyester and cotton, the fabrics feel like luxury swim fabrics that you would never guess could have been recycled. That is something we all can love!

Eco Swim’s motto is “reducing our carbon footprint in the sand”. They are doing it right by starting with product women can love. Their flattering swimsuits are wearable and feel good, helping us all to be more stylish and environmentally conscious, even in a swimsuit. No easy feat!

Swimdress $118 by Eco Swim Swimsuits

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