A First Teen Bra

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Whether you are the teen who needs their first bra, or you are the mother of this newly developed young woman, this is a very important moment in any girl’s life. There are a few different scenarios here, and they are all sensitive, so tread carefully. A friend of mine said her daughter had “sprouts”, another called them “newbies”. Regardless, if there is something going on in the breast region, it’s time to take notice.

If we’re talking 6th or 7th grade and there really isn’t anything to cover, but wearing a bra is “in”, then that’s just as important. Start with something light and strappy. After all, it’s the straps that the friends need to see. I like to begin bra 101’s with a bralette like the Aero Bralette from Aeropostale (image #4 above). It gives you just enough coverage, comes in fun colors and allows straps to show (proving that there is something going on under her top).

On the other hand, there may be “sprouts” which don’t really need support, but they do require coverage for modesty. In this case, I go for something wireless and cute with a little bit of molding or light padding to cover the breasts. We don’t want any embarrassing moments, and we want to make sure the shape is natural. Try the Wire-Free Aimee Bra by Candie’s (image #1 above).

If we’re talking development here, and you have to worry about support, go for a wire bra with light molding like the Katie Lightly Lined Bra from Aerie (image #2 above). This will offer some support and shaping as well as the all important nipple coverage. These bras are functional, but can still be super cute.

Right now, the lace bandeau is very popular. The Aerie Vintage Lace Bandeau (image #3 above) is perfect if you just need a little coverage, especially if the bra peeks out from under the top. It’s pretty and sweet and everyone will feel good wearing this.

If you’re the mom, dad or older friend buying the first bras, make it fun. Pick something colorful, printed and happy. These days it’s all about animal print and neon.

If you are the young woman who needs this first bra, don’t be shy. Order them online if that’s easier, but talk to your parent. After all, you aren’t the first woman to wear a bra and you certainly won’t be the last.

**I’m proud to announce that when I asked my step-daughter if buying her first bra was a traumatic experience (we went to the Kohl’s teen department, she responded with an eyeroll and a big NO. Thank goodness….

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