My Fortnight Bodysuit

by Lovely Girl | in Fashion, The Tell All

I’m in love with Mary Jane; she’s my main thing. In this case, I’m referring to the Fortnight Mary Jane bodysuit, my current “go-to” layering piece.

Before this, my only experience with bodysuits was in the early 90’s. One example that comes to mind is a long sleeved, floral print number that I wore with baggy jeans and Doc Martens. Definitely not a look I want to revisit. Luckily, the Mary Jane is a modern version of this underpinning staple that has made a lasting impression on me. Here’s why – it’s a neutral color with a subtle dot design so it’s wearable under a lot of fabrics and colors. The two-part seaming of the cup and hook and eye band allows me to wear it without a bra, something this 32D can seldom do. The snugness of it creates a nice silhouette and gives you an added layer of warmth without the bulk. Lastly – drum roll please, it’s pretty enough to show off underneath a blazer, sheer silk top or wide knit sweater.

At first I was convinced the Mary Jane was just a crush, but after seeing the versatility of this piece, I think I’m ready to commit (baggy jeans and Bel Biv Devoe CD not included).

Written by Melissa Silvetti, owner Understated Showroom.

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