Ode to a Bandeau

by Shaunequa Brathwaite | in Solutions, The Tell All

I was at a party last night and found myself lost in another woman’s bony sternum. Yup, it was just as creepy as it sounds. Look-her white blouse was unbuttoned just above her navel; and because she wasn’t top heavy, it was incredibly chic. Let me explain further. She resembled a lanky 70s model who could flank Calvin Klein’s arm at Studio 54. And though she flashed a bouncer or two, it was one of the most incredible sartorial sights I’ve ever experienced.

If my “girls” tried a no-bra-under-a-blouse-unbuttoned-to-my-thong look, the fashion police would probably fall from the skies above and wrap me in yellow caution tape. Yep, me without a bra is that serious. So I thought about how an ample-bosomed girl can pull off the look. A-ha! The bandeau.

At one point the bandeau was a joke to ladies whose cups runneth over. But now some bandeaus have supportive doo-dads that keep you lifted. Point-in-case: the Free People Lace Trim Bandeau. It not only comes in a bunch of colors, but it has boning. My full-busted ladies, you just might be hearing the trumpets blaring. The angels singing. What…just me?

In fact, my turquoise bandeau would not only add a major pop of color to my version of the “Studio 54 Special”, but it would also prevent my arrest for public nudity. Fashion and law-abiding-citizen…win!

Bandeau $28 by Free People

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