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In recent years, women have really opened their eyes to the fact that they need new bras, in new sizes, and from new brands. The problem is that every woman who admits this to me, still follows it up with a myriad of reasons why she isn’t bra shopping better. The “I’m too busy” is my favorite. We women have time to run households, companies and our husbands, but we don’t have time to buy comfortable undergarments?

Well-the answer has arrived!

Freshpair, one of the largest online retailers for undergarments, has rolled out a new stroke of genius called the At Home Bra Fitting Program. We got to give it a try and loved it! Here’s how it works: We called 1-866-663-6613 and spoke with our personal shopper. She asked us tons of questions about fit, sizing, bra problems, and really helped zone in on the sizes that would work best for us. Then she asked about preferences (Do you like full-coverage? Demi? Do you like wire bras? Wirefree? Colors? Padding?) and function (Do you need bras for work? Fun?). She asked more questions than we would ever ask ourselves when shopping and made me realize exactly what I was looking for (an assortment of great t-shirt bras that were functional, with also a hint of color and sexiness for some fun).

After a lovely 15 minute conversation, my shopper said she would put together a package for me and have it sent over within the next five days. She reminded me that there was no charge for the service, and that I wouldn’t be charged for any bras other than the ones I decide to keep. I had nothing to lose here!

I eagerly awaited this package as if it was from Santa, and was very excited when it arrived three days later. Packed perfectly, was an assortment of 10 bras. There were a few style and size variations, but mostly a great group of lightly molded t-shirt bras. Some were already personal favorites (we were excited when the personal shopper included bras we loved without ever having mentioned them to her) along with others I would never have thought to try. Best part was, I got to try them all on at home, with no pressure from a sales person, in front of my mirror, with my own outfits. A few were winners, a few were not, but mission accomplished, I got new bras.

For all of you busy working women/moms out there, no more excuses. I know it’s hard to get to the store and take time to yourself in the fitting room. I also know how annoying it can be to have a stranger come in and see you in your bra, while rushing you through expensive choices. Freshpair has changed all that.

I’m happily rotating between a new Calvin Klein Level 3 Bra and a Spanx Bra-Llelujah Wireless for every day, plus a sexy turquoise OnGoassamer Bump It Up and Elle Macpherson Sheer Ribbons for sexier nights. And I never had to leave my bedroom to find them.

A company that makes women’s lives easier and better? This we are LOVING!

Learn more about Freshpair’s At Home Bra Fitting Program
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