From Proenza Bags To Nursing Pads

by Amri Kibbler | in Solutions, The Tell All

A year can make a lot of difference, especially being a new mom! As Senior Market Editor for Cosmo Magazine, if you had asked me for a must have shopping list last year it would have included a Proenza bag, Chloé shoes, Tees by Alexander Wang, and Rag and Bone jeans. When my daughter arrived a couple of months ago my list changed dramatically!!

Here’s MY essential list as a new mom:

1.      Nursing bra- Elle Macpherson makes the most comfortable and pretty nursing bras.  I’m in love with the Momamia. It comes in a blue stripe version that is cool enough to show off, a big plus when nursing. Baby will be hungry at the most inconvenient times. The bra is soft and stretchy to expand when your milk comes in and still fits snuggly right after a feeding. The nursing bra is the most important item to buy and love!! This is a fragile time when I felt  “not so cute” so indulging in a beautiful bra made me feel attractive again.

2.      Nursing pads- Nursing Pads are a must to protect #1.  I’ve been wearing Lily Padz reusable nursing pads.  The clear non-absorbent pads apply directly to the nipple and stops leakage with pressure. Since they apply to the skin you can also wear them without a bra under slinky fabrics or while swimming. Wash with soap and water after nursing and just reapply. So easy!

3.      Nightgown and Robe- Normally I’m not a nightgown girl but for the hospital and recovery this is a must.  The long sleeve scoop neck decorative trim nursing nightgown and robe from A Pea in a Pod allow you to nurse easily without exposing yourself. The pull down front is much less complicated than working a clip in the first days of learning to nurse. I had my hands full working out how to hold the baby properly so even one less thing to fuss with was a plus.

4.      Panties- Hanky Panky Signature lace boyshorts are the best undies for a new mom. I bought several pairs in bright colors right before my daughter was born. They offer comfort and coverage, while the delicate lace and color selection keep them fun.

5.      Scarf- A beautiful printed scarf is an essential wardrobe piece for me now. Dianora Salviati’s tie-dye scarf works as an accessory, a swaddle, a sunshade over the stroller, and a cover while breast-feeding. The print adds style to a basic outfit, and most importantly hides spit up and the many other small baby stains.

Amri Kibbler is the Senior Market Editor, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and creator of StyleWithChild.

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