From Runway to Real-Life Lingerie

by Lovely Girl | in Fashion, The Tell All

Each year during fashion week, we get glimpses of super models sashaying down runways in designer clothes. Of course they look gorgeous, but we all can admit we don’t have that many opportunities in life to wear an electric blue sequined gown with a slit up the front (how would we afford it anyway?).

I love the idea of taking a trend from the runway and making it wearable in real-life. Whether it’s a color, a fabric or a silhouette, there’s usually something designers like Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen can infuse into our every day reality. Lingerie is a great way to explore trends. It gives you a place to wear something in a fabric or color that we might not want everyone to see. It may also be an opportunity to take expensive fabrics like lace and silk and make them affordable. Or, it may just be a little excuse to feel like a supermodel at home!

I love that Journelle gave us a great post with examples of how to bring runway fashion into your real-life lingerie drawer. What great inspiration.

Lingerie images from Journelle


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