Be Beautiful at the Gap

by Lovely Girl | in Fashion, The Tell All

A new fashion foundations line from the GAP

GapBody is a favorite foundations brand amongst women everywhere. Models, too. They have partnered with model Sasha Pivovarova to create an artistically beautiful bra and panty capsule collection that is in stores now. Sasha is famous not only for her stunning looks, but for her sketching ability which has been exhibited around the globe. She takes the same romantic, colorful artwork onto ivory satin in a group of bras, panties, chemises and nightgowns. The price range is $19.95 to $69.95.

This won’t be in stores long, and is a coveted holiday gift for fashionistas everywhere. Even if you don’t look like Sasha wearing them, you might feel the supermodel inspiration flowing through the artwork making everyday undies feel just a bit more fabulous. Leave it to the Gap to make basic fashion solutions more beautiful.

Sleeping Beauty Bralette, $34.95, and Girl Shorts, $19.95, by GapBody


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