Getting Out From Under….the Underwire

by Maria Ricapito | in Solutions, The Tell All

As I write this, there is an underwire digging into my left boob. No, my right one. No, the left. Okay, both of them. I’m wearing an old Victoria’s Secret bra that I must have had for at least 10 years. Yes, I know it’s time to toss it. Only, it’s one of the few bras in my undie drawer that actually keep my 38DD bosoms anywhere up near my shoulders. I also have some played-out, practically-vintage Olga bras that have lost their stretch at about the same pace that my skin has. Not good.

I’ve also got a whole huge drawer of sports bras. I love me some athletic bras. Those are the bras that I really like to wear. Uniboob? I have no complaints. For non-athletic purposes, I tend to buy the strappy ones that have some compression but don’t totally flatten. Note to self: If they have a hard-core jogging-worthy T-back, they tend to ruin the neckline of pretty work blouses (as I discovered at the office last week; I had to spend the entire day with a scarf artistically wrapped around my shoulders.).

A few weeks ago, I test-drove some Parfait by Affinitas bras for ILOVEAGOOD. They lifted; they separated. I had two majestic mounds of boob-age. My t-shirts fell nicely, from just the right kind of cleavage. I didn’t have a sort of ship’s prow or penguin chest preceding me down the street that I do with my sporty bras.

If I had to choose between my two Parfait bras, I’d have to go with the black Honey molded one. There was some lace detailing that I really liked. I have to admit that wearing an actually flattering bra gave me an extra spring in my step.

So maybe it’s just a simple fact of engineering and physics: the underwire is just not going to be as comfortable when your cup size runneth higher into the alphabet. That’s why—when I think I can get away with it—I sneak a strappy athletic bra into my work wardrobe.

But if I were going for looks (like if I were speed dating or giving a presentation to hundreds of people), I guess I’d have to pick my new Honey bra with, yes, underwire.

Affinitas Intimates Parfait Honey Molded Bra, $48, available in size 30D-40G.

*Bras were given for free by Affinitas

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