My Holiday Fat Pants

by Lovely Girl | in Fashion, The Tell All

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we know that this is officially the big kick off to the holiday eating frenzy. Don’t worry. You can get back to your normal self after New Year’s when the exercising frenzy kicks back in. For now, just enjoy that apple and pumpkin pie.

Along with the amazing food and yummy deserts comes the necessary fat pants you need for holiday eating.  I mean really-how much can you eat in skinny jeans? Back in the day we wore sweats with elastic waistbands (and elastic ankles) or velvet Juicy pants that stretched as far as the eye could see. I’ve recently discovered a new pant that works with the eating and still looks cute. Plus, you can wear them even after the New Year’s workout season is over (you’ll just be tightening the drawstring a little more).

Splendid always brilliantly manages to mix comfort with style. They have a chic, modern take on the drawstring pant. They do it each season in different fabrics. For Summer months it’s linen or cotton. For Fall they have a twill and are launching a new baby cord version for the holiday. They come in a ton of colors and feel amazing against the skin.

Get ready to let out the drawstring and have some fun this weekend. After all, other than spending time with your family, isn’t eating what the holidays are really about?

Splendid’s Twill Flare Pants featured above

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