Hosiery With A Bonus

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

Shapewear hosiery from Wolford

I love that hosiery is back in a big way. Even with spring coming, there is no sign of us all packing away our sheers anytime soon! Did you know that hosiery can also have “special” powers? They aren’t just luxurious and silky, but they can slim, tan and tone you?

I found some great hosiery products that you will love. Do they work? Yes. Don’t believe me? Try them for yourselves and let me know what you think!

Wolford‘s Individual 50 Leg Support offers luxurious legwear with a bonus-they stimulate circulation helping to prevent swollen, tired legs.

Hanes has the Lasting Sheer Collection with Run-Resist Technology. The problem with sheers is that they catch on your nails and they run, right? No more. When these super soft sheers catch, the run stops itself in place. Whoo-hoo!

Get tan while you wear hose? YES. Tightsplease Fake Tan Tights has tanning solution built in. Put them on, give yourselves a leg massage, take them off and you’re tanned. I kid you not! Available through Peek Brooklyn.

Your feet slip inside your shoes when wearing hosiery, right? Wish you had that skin to shoe contact? You’ve been missing Philippe Matignon’s sheers with anti-slip sole. The sheers feel fabulous and they’ve got little grippers built into the bottoms. Problem solved!

Don’t you just love technology? These days there is no reason your legs need to look tired or pale. This is hosiery with a bonus!

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