How Men Shop for V Day…at Brooklyn Fox

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I always love to hear stories about how men shop for us on V Day (or if they do at all!). I went to the source, Alexis Isadora, Owner/Buyer, Brooklyn Fox Lingerie. She had some sexy notes to share:

At Brooklyn Fox Lingerie, we feel every day is a day worthy of wearing a lacy number with seamed stockings. Not everyone shares our sentiments though – and that’s why Valentine’s Day is so much fun for us! We get to dress women in sexy numbers that they otherwise think they need an excuse to wear. Most women who come in have a specific vision in mind – that piece of eye candy they’ve been staring at the past two times they’ve come in (to buy a T-Shirt bra) but never dared to try on. Or for our more daring customers who do already dress to the 9’s under their dress….they ask us to find something for them that will really push the envelope. This is where we really have some fun!

Then there are the men… they are lined up outside in the cold ON Valentine’s Day in a sweat waiting for us to open. Some come a few days before, but most really wait until the very last minute. The fun ones are the men who have literally no idea what they want or how bras are sized – “Theres a number and a letter?” “Yes I PROMISE there is a number AND a letter.” Hey I’m not judging, I wouldn’t know the first thing about buying a mens dress shirt… they know their neck size? Weird. We get to educate men about sizes and styles and show them a few things we think will excite them and make their partners feel luxuriated. Then there are the men who are like bulls charging at the target – they know their partner’s size down to the millimeter and have looked though our website thoroughly and picked out a set. It’s that set or nothing.

No matter what type of shopper, we know these couples end up having a passionate evening and hope to take some credit for facilitating. 😉 After 5 years in business some men have come back and admitted that their babies were conceived after they tore off one of gifts they had just paid for.

And that, is a happy Valentine’s Day.

As per Alexis Isadora, Brooklyn Fox Lingerie

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