What Bra Size Are You Wearing?

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

Are you wearing the right bra cup size?(Click here to see Jenny Altman’s video on How to Measure for Your Bra Size)

This is the big question of the day. Think hard and be honest. And don’t feel the need to yell it out loud.

What clothing size are you?

I want you to think about how you feel in your foundations and clothes right now. Anything a little snug? Look in the mirror (at your back, too). Anything looking a little too tight? See any back fat or muffin tops?

I know it’s very hard to admit the size you really are versus the size you once were, but I have some good news for you. You actually look better wearing your right size (even if it’s bigger) than you do in a size too small. Too small bras, jeans and shapewear only cause the sausage look (that’s what a friend from Marie Claire Magazine used to call it). Everything is squished in like sausage casing, and you guessed it-the excess only has one place to go-over the top.

Let’s start fresh and clean for summer. Let’s start with your bra size. Have you measured yourself lately? Watch the video and look how quick and painless it can be. Your bra size changes more often than you think. Sometimes due to weight loss or gain, sometimes due to hormonal changes. I had a friend who has been doing pilates so much lately that her breast and torso size had changed a lot!

Now when it comes to the rest of your clothes, even if you plan on losing weight these next few months, buy basics that fit well. Remember that NOBODY sees the tags inside your clothes. If you don’t like being reminded of the number each morning (I don’t blame you) – CUT OUT THE TAGS! And don’t feel bad, there are countless celebrities I used to dress that felt so much better on that photo shoot for thinking they were a size 4 or 6 or even a 10 (which they were not). And they all wanted to be wearing a 34B bra (which they weren’t either).

So here is my challenge to you: go buy a new bra and pair of jeans that truly fit you. Cut out the tags. Put them on each day without the dread of the size. Feel good when you can button the jeans without lying down. Soon you’ll realize that you don’t notice a number. Soon after that you won’t think each morning about all the weight you have to lose or the body shape you wish would change. Once you stop worrying about it-good things will happen. We women have enough in life to worry about each day, and our size should not have to be one of them!

And tell your friends they look good. There is no better compliment than a woman appreciating how another woman looks and feels.


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