My Pregnancy Must-Haves

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

Pregnancy boobs and a Stylist Tells AllSo…I’m pregnant (yes, that’s me above!). After talking about bras, underwear and shapewear solutions to women of all body shapes and sizes, I can now talk about pregnancy items and understand what they are really all about. I now know personally that carting around a basketball under your shirt isn’t easy, and that it takes a serious sense of style to pull yourself together in this new body.

I have definitely added some new “must haves” to my foundation list as well. The wire bras and compression tights aren’t cutting it anymore, but I have found a few life-saving items that are getting me through the second tri-mester.

-The Spanx Bra-llelujah All Hosiery Comfort Bra is SO comfortable. No wires, no hardware and no itchy seams. It grows with you and the straps never slip off of your shoulders.

-Commando’s Cotton Bikini underwear are amazing in comfort and fit. They don’t dig in or give you lines (even on the tummy) and put no pressure on any growing parts. Plus, the colors are so much fun, make sure you get the pinks and blues!

Skinny Tees tank tops are one size fits all and grow with you through all of your sizes. They are fun and colorful and super soft to the touch. Plus, they are long enough to cover your tummy instead of getting cropped as most non-maternity tops do.



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