Journelle, Downtown

New York, NY
by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

Just when we thought New York City was being overrun by mass market lingerie stores, along came Journelle. This gem of a store, which first opened on 17th street, was really unlike anything we had ever seen. NYC has always had its share of bra fitting stores, but there wasn’t really a place you went to discover new brands, have a fitting, buy a shower gift and date night set all at once. Journelle changed all that with their first store, and is opening up store #4 on the Upper East Side soon.

Claire Chambers is the founder and CEO of Journelle. After a successful career in management consulting, Claire’s love of designer lingerie and entrepreneurial spirit led her to the lingerie retail business. In a town like New York City, where fabulous stores and brands can be found on every corner, Journelle shines among the best of them. They sell some of our favorite brands (Zinke, VPL, Stella McCartney, Mimi Holiday) and always have a great assortment of sizes available.

Lucky for shoppers outside of Journelle’s current New York and Miami locations, showcases the assortment as well. Go onto their best seller page and you’ll quickly experience for yourself why this store is so easy to LOVE. We also love the site for the gift section. For men who don’t even know where to begin when buying a woman lingerie, look to Gifts to define her by personality-and shop what works for each one.

Journelle is revolutionizing the intimates business, and we look forward to visiting each new store as it rolls-out. We know there will be many more to come.

Visit journelle online for all locations or visit the store featured in New York.

Journelle boutique Union Square
3 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10003
P. 212.255.7800

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