Kaori’s Closet Tokyo

Soho, NY
by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

If there were ever going to be a Japanese Animated Comic Book based on a lingerie store, Kaori’s Closet Tokyo would be it. The website welcomes you with adorable sketches of lingerie in tons of bright color. The store is just as youthful and sweet. From the handwritten sale signs to the tiled mat in the front window, Kaori’s makes you feel like you just entered a haven for girlish treats.

There is a mix of designer brands here, many of which are Japanese and only found in Kaori’s. Most of them are pastel colored with lots of boost in the bra, perfect for their young NYU customers. Other more known brands include Stella McCartney, Clo and Soak. It’s a nice mix of new discoveries and curated best-sellers that you would only find grouped together here.

The store is off of busy Houston Street in downtown NYC, yet you truly feel like you’re entering something secret and special when you walk through their doors.

Kaori’s Closet Tokyo
71 West Houston Street
New York, NY 10012
P. 212-387-7788

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