My Date With Linda the Bra Lady

by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

My A cups have been growing and growing for months. As a 9-month pregnant lady, I knew I needed help. And it was time to take action!

I have sent tons of women to visit Linda the Bra Lady when they have come to me desperate for bra help. This time I decided to take my own advice and stop in to see her at her new Murray Hill Boutique in NYC. She’s as funny and witty as I had heard, and her no-nonsense approach to me and my boobs was exactly what I needed! She knows that pregnancy boobs are nothing to mess around with-that they need support and comfort. She also knows that post-baby, women need bras that are functional for nursing and pretty to make them feel good. She also knows that post-nursing, we will each lots of lift to lessen the pain of saggy boobs. Wow, it was a lot to learn!

When Linda is in the store, customers come in droves. Her salespeople are expertly trained by Linda herself, but when she hangs the sign in her Upper East Side Store letting women know “Linda is in”, the loyals come calling. She just knows what works and has the product to back it up. Her back room (which is left open for all to see) is AMAZING. Need an A, she has it. Need a G, it’s there, too. Swim in extended sizes, yes of course.

I knew there was a reason I had been sending women to Linda’s since first discovering her while working at Oprah Magazine. There is no shyness here, but the reason you’re coming in the first place is to take care of business. If your boobs or bras are not working, she solves your problem. All for great prices with fabulous bras in every color and size under the sun.

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