Love Your Body Day!

by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

Today is National Love Your Body Day. This is a day we here at ILOVEAGOOD stand behind! We believe that all women need to be proud of their bodies and take ownership for who they are. Whether you are tall, short, apple-shaped or pear, just let it go. If you don’t like your size, cut out the tags. If you’re holding onto clothing that will never fit again, throw it out. Be you. And be happy.

We hope that you have enjoyed some of our posts written by women who have come to terms with their issues. The point of these stories is to teach all of you that we ALL have issues. Even supermodels hated themselves growing up. They were awkward, lanky girls who towered over pre-teen boys. We have writers who work for top national magazines, and they all have a common bond, they hated things about themselves. They are writing for us in hopes that you will realize you are not alone.

Just in case you have missed any of our female empowerment stories, I’m including links to a few favorites here. And don’t cry for the young ballerina….she is doing just fine these days as a stunning, successful, 30 something woman.

Boobs and Ballet

A Life in Fashion…Even After Breast Surgery

Learn to Love Your Curves

Reclaiming Your Sexiness After Divorce

A Teen and Her First Bra








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