Love Your Butt and That’s an Order

by Shaunequa Brathwaite | in The Tell All, Underwear

His gaze, unwavering; he had spotted his denim-covered prey and eyed it with the precise savagery of a famished tiger. And then the subway car jerked. Score. The man in the business suit propelled toward the perfectly shaped arse in the blue jeans. And I have to admit, as I watched the entire encounter in disbelief–it was like Animal Kingdom, no lie–I got lost in her curves myself.

So then I thought about the idyllic butt. We all have our own thoughts on the subject. I personally adore mine in high-waist jeans; it’s the cutest heart shape. I polled some friends (I really did) and received a range of answers, including: “apple”, “Kim K.” (‘nuf said), “big & perky”, and ”teardrop”. All but one were on the quest for the perfect butt; this particular friend and I had a pretty in-depth conversation about women and body image. This of course, entailed coming to a place of peace with your body. Dare I say contentment?

It’s so super easy to hate one’s body. There are so many images out there, which tell you your bod is all kinds of wrong. Why not join me and my very brave and honest friends and reclaim the perfection that is your butt? Write a love letter to it; go ahead, I triple-dog dare you to adore your butt. I mean really, think about it: what do you have to lose (other than insecurity and trepidation)?

Swimwear by Seafolly. Image photographed by Max Doyle.

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