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I know that during pregnancy there aren’t a lot of things you want to “invest” in, but there are a few staples that are really worth the purchase. Great underwear and a good bra are very important, especially once you get towards the end of the second trimester. Another very important staple is a great pair of jeans. Buy one or two great pair of jeans and you’ll be wearing them day in and out for months. A bonus is that you’ll keep wearing them after having the baby when you can’t think of getting back into your skinny jeans just yet.

There are a lot of brands with great maternity jeans, but let’s face it, just like regular jeans, some are better than others. J Brand is always at the top of the list when it comes to great jeans, and they’ve done it again here in the world of maternity with Mama J by J Brand.

Rather than adding a large stretch panel straight across the top of their jeans, J Brand cuts out little points to add in stretch fabric. This helps keep the style and shape of the jean while allowing for your tummy to grow. The new band really helps keep the pants up and doesn’t have the extra fabric above that often rolls down on pregnant moms. They are cut lower in the front and higher in the back giving your tummy lift and support while keeping you covered in the rear. Nobody wants to see your whale-tail (thong sticking out the top of your jeans above the tush), especially during pregnancy.

The best part is that you get to look like a hot mama wearing your jeans. I know it’s hard to feel sexy during pregnancy, but wearing sweats will never help with self-confidence (they are of course perfectly fine for days at home!).  Jeans are always a great investment, especially if they are a good fit. J Brand has styles ranging from leggings to straight leg to bell, so choose what is the most flattering style for your body type.

No wonder celebs like Jessica Alba, January Jones, Rachel Zoe and Kate Hudson have all been spotted in their Mama J’s. Even Beyonce was seen wearing hers just last week!

Image from J Brand

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