Man Boobs No More

by Bryan Levandowski | in Solutions, The Tell All

When men’s shapewear first hit the market, it was their ab-smoothing ability to “turn a beer belly into a six pack” that made them an overnight (and even during the day!) sensation. Guys finally had the quick fix that has been giving women an “instant hourglass” figure for years.  But as men’s shapewear becomes even more popular, we’re learning the real benefit goes way beyond vanity. Great abs are one thing, but the secret to the success of men’s shapewear goes up a little further.

They’ve been called “moobs,” “moobies,” “dude boobs,” “he-teets,” and “man-mammaries,” but the mass of enlarged breast tissue on a man’s chest is most commonly referred to as “man boobs.” For the 30-40% of men worldwide affected by man boobs, the recent influx of men’s shapewear comes as smooth relief. Man boobs usually happen for one of two reasons: an older guy puts on a few pounds and his chest succumbs to the same gravity as the rest of his body, or a dude develops a condition known as Gynecomastia, a harmless enlargement of the male breast due to glandular issues.

Regardless of what’s responsible for your dear husband’s DD’s, hope is as close as your nearest Spanx for Men or Power Body undershirts. These tees and tanks are equipped with the same “suck it all in” magic that the ladies get from their Spanx. It won’t work miracles, but it will spare the hurtful comments of who wears the bigger bra in the house.

If a guy you know suffers from man boobs (even if you’re the one doing all the suffering), the benefit of this shapewear solution is its subtlety in dealing with the situation. Say a special occasion is coming up—give your guy a shaping t-shirt and tell him it’ll make his suit look better. Any guy who’s dealt with man boobs will instantly love what he sees. And who knows—after a few days of staring at their toned torsos in the mirror, maybe a jaunt to the gym to reap a few more physical benefits will follow? It’s amazing how far a little instant gratification will go.

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