You Match Your Bra to What?

by Lovely Girl | in Bra, The Tell All

Cute Underwear from La PerlaI used to have a roommate who was slightly obsessed with matching her bra to her outfit, no matter how difficult it was to find a match. I remember being on the hunt for a coral bra to match this unusual colored coral top she once had. It was slightly insane, but when it worked, she felt so satisfied to find a match!

I think it’s a beautiful treat to match your bras to your panties. When you start the day with a colorful set, it makes you feel special that you are wearing something of beauty, not just the random bra left over from yesterday hanging over your bureau. American women are not as known for matching their bras to their panties the way European women are. No surprise, we think of foundations for function more than beauty. I would like to think a great bra serves both purposes.

In asking friends this question and posting it on Facebook, we have heard from all of you that you do like to match your bra, just not always to your panties.

Do you:

Match your bra to your panties?

Match your bra to your top?

Match your bra/panties to your nail polish?

Match your bra/panties to your shoes or flip flops?

Match your bra/panties to your eyeliner? (yes, we have a friend that does this)

Anything I’m missing? Please feel free to comment here or share on Facebook. We love to know how you’re matching your bras and panties to make life a little more colorful.

Bra and panty above by La Perla

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