Mini-Makeover with Yummie Tummie

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

Women are always looking for a “quick fix” regarding how to look slimmer. There are a few basic rules like dressing head to toe in one color, not wearing a belt if you don’t have a slim waist, and wearing clothing in your real size (not the size you wish you were). When you’re looking for a little more in the way of a shaping garment, I always have my “go-to” shaping pieces that work on everyone regardless of shape or size.

Yummie Tummie makes great looking fashion pieces with hidden shaping technology. They have managed to make items as basic as tanks and tees become slimming garments that all women are proud to wear. By hiding the shapewear inside the garment, nobody knows you’re wearing a slimming piece at all.

We did a mini-makeover in the Yummie Tummie showroom to show how just one piece can erase pounds in minutes. Our model (the darling Shawna) is already thin, but had a few problem areas. She wanted her tummy to be a little more taut and she was sick of getting muffin top in her skinny jeans. We found two perfect solutions.

  1. We swapped out her basic white tank for the Yummie Tummie Invisible Boyfriend Tank. The tank reads as your perfect white tank (that you can wear alone) but has the shapewear on the inside making it perfect to wear out over jeans or under a jacket or cardigan. Shawna lost her little tummy instantly. Great for new moms who just need a little tuck in the tummy area or women who just want to look like they’ve been doing sit-ups religiously.
  2. We did not like the way Shawna had a muffin top in her skinny jeans. She was too thin for this to be happening, and we knew we couldn’t get her out of the skinny jean trend. All we did was give her the Lillie Skins Bottom in mocha to match her skin tone (also available in nude and black). It immediately sucked her in and kept her trim above the waistline. Her jeans went on much more easily, and nothing was hanging over the waistband. As a bonus, when she leaned forward, we couldn’t see any underwear rising out the back. This is a win-win.

Yummie Tummie is the perfect quick fix to add into every woman’s wardrobe.

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