Minimize These!

by Kimmy Scotti | in Bra, The Tell All

Also known as Mosquito Bites and Fried Eggs

You are likely wondering what these two things have to do with lingerie, but for my sister and I, the connection is burned in our childhood memories. When my boobs came in at the ripe old age of ten, my father took to calling me, Fried Eggs. My sister who was a year younger and not far behind was, you guessed it, Mosquito Bites. I was ten, on the fast track to double D’s, and absolutely humiliated.

My Mother, an early bloomer herself, confiscated my Skip-It and introduced me to the Minimizer Bra, which my Father subsequently hung from the ceiling fan. A harmless joke that would lead to ten years of me squishing myself into ever growing minimizers, tankinis and turtleneck sweaters. I was ten, the first of my friends to get these things, and I was furious about it. (At least until pre-pubescent boys took notice. You know how to survive the awkward years of braces AND glasses? Boobs.)

Fast forward to my freshman year of college – my roommate, an “almost” B-cup – hand washing her matching bralettes and undies – it was an endless stream of colors, patterns and envy. While I needed an industrial-strength washing machine to handle my flesh-toned underwire straight-jackets, hers hung drying all over our room divider. When finally one day, the industrial-strength washing machine ripped the wires from my armored bra, I began searching for specialty lingerie stores who might deal in straight-jackets and armor. I discovered Linda the Bra Lady in NYC.

I took a trip to the Upper East Side, rang her bell and in the tiny packed store I found Linda herself – a feisty red-head who never met a pair of boobs she couldn’t support. She poked, prodded, pushed, shifted, shook and SUCCESS. Linda introduced me to Elle Macpherson Intimates and the Dentelle – a bra I now own dozens of and have been wearing on a daily basis ever since that fateful day. For women of the Fried Egg variety, the Dentelle is a life-saver, it is a gorgeous lace bra that looks like it should be reserved for special-occasions, but that you can wear every day. I have since introduced my mother and all of my friends (Fried Eggs and Mosquito Bites alike) to Elle Macpherson and the Dentelle and they all swear by her, too – from Monday to date-night!

Dentelle bra featured above by Elle Macpherson

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