The Perfect Mother’s Day Round-Up

by Lovely Girl | in Solutions, The Tell All

Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’ve asked Mollie from byLANGLEY what her favorite pieces are to recommend for new moms. “Whether she’s staying at home or she’s back in the office 90 days after giving birth, I find that most new moms want a wardrobe that fits their new lifestyle. There has to be something other than her workout clothes to wear after work or while running her household!”

So, HUSBANDS + PARTNERS OF THE WORLD, REJOICE! Here is a top 5 list of the perfect gifts for your gorgeous wife, aka the MOTHER of your child.

5.) Sweat Pants that will make her proud of her derriere – Yes, we all have days where we just want to crawl into our high school sweats, but something inside me says, don’t give up! As much as I love being a Syracuse Orange Woman, I need to grow up and so does my fleece. She’ll find as much comfort in these as the oldies, but these pants will do something quite magical to her ass. I promise you, every girl feels good when she knows her butt looks good.

4.) A Beautiful New Robe – (featured above) Nothing makes a girl feel more glamorous than a vibrant floral robe. Maybe today we’re going to move a little slower after a restless night for baby and mommy, but throw on a gorgeous robe and everything is right with the world.

3.) A Practical New Robe – Some days, my only “me time” is in the shower. On those most exhaustive days, the shower somehow feels like a world class spa. So, give a robe that will keep that spa-day feeling going.

2.) A Bralet so she can wear relax the girls but still keep them lifted – Okay, what the heck is a bralet you ask? The bralet is my best friend – and I wear a D cup! Whether worn under a Tee or paired with a great cami/pants sleep set, a bralet brings comfort to a whole new level. Hooray, no more floppy boobs (Disclaimer: No one likes saggy, floppy boobies. Not moms, dads, or kids. It’s just traumatizing to everyone!)

1.) New Knickers – Maybe the best gift of all. Especially, after she just kind of fell in love with the mesh panties that the hospital gave her. What is it about those pants that make me miss them?? Everyone will be much happier in a pair of colorful, lacy knickers!!

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